Got A Story To Tell…

*** WARNING- This post is kinda’ long ***

Got a story to tell, like to hear it, here it goes. All this week is Vacation Bible School (VBS) at my church. I love it. This usually signifies that the school year is over, firstly. Secondly, I get to spend the whole week with my husband and my children. It is so much fun with quality family time.

It’s about reconnecting with people you probably haven’t seen all year. It also serves to remind you that time is indeed passing when you realize that the children who used to be in my & Phillips’ class (Beginners, ages 4-5), are now in the teen department.

My, how time flies!

Anyway, I digress. My story that I need to tell is one about me being a jackass. That’s right, I said it, a jackass. Why do I say that? I say that because I haven’t been able to enjoy my vacation that was supposed to begin on Tuesday, but hasn’t yet. To top things off, I have not been a good sport about it.

First of all, the students have been out since Thursday. My last day was supposed to be Tuesday. Unfortunately it didn’t work out like that. I had to go in yesterday, my first day of vacation, to finish some paperwork.

It took me four hours!!!

Secondly, I received a call this morning from my A.P. It seems that I accidentally took some papers home that I needed to return. Today! My second day of vacation.

I sure wasn’t happy about that. But, that’s not the whole story. That’s not what I was being a jackass about.  Everything started on Monday, the first day of VBS. I thought that I was in for a relaxing evening. That is until someone told me that they were glad that I was there because there were some special kids there just for me.

I got P.O.’d because I thought that I was going to have a break. Now here I was with the same kids that I needed a break from. I said okay and sucked it up. I was ever so patient.

That was on Monday.

Fast forward to Tuesday.  I was in a rotten mood because I had a hard day and I just wasn’t in the mood. It seemed like the kids could sense that I was in a rotten mood because they tested me to no end. I have to tell you that I was not up for the challenge. They worked me over. They ran over me with a Mac truck. They went up one side and down the other.

Some people, knowing that I’m a special ed. teacher, saw that I was not handling the situation very well and started talking. They started calling the kids bad.

(JACKASS ALERT) The thing that I did or rather didn’t do that was so jackass-ish was not stand up for them. I should have been the voice of reason. I should have told them that the kids are acting this way, not because they’re bad, but because that is part of their disability.

They didn’t know what to expect from them and I should have told them. One thing that I resolved inside myself was that I need to be an advocate for special children whether I am at work or not.

If those who are familiar with their disabilities don’t stand up for them, who will????????????


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