DO NOT OPEN THIS BOOK! by Michaela Muntean

Do Not Open This Book written by Michaela Muntean and illustrated by Pascal Lemaitre (2006) was very silly. It had a Jon Scieszka-esque kind of feel. I think that was part of the reason for my attraction to the book. I liked it. I thought that it was cute; possibly something that I could have thought of. Phillise liked it also. David thought that it was slightly amusing, but overall, it was too young for him. So, I would put the audience of the book at 5-9 years old.

On the back cover of the book, readers are warned that opening this book may cause acute merriment, uncontrollable hilarity, and chronic gasps and giggles. Additional side effects may include sparks of creativity and ignited imaginations. It is recommended for people aged 1 to 101.

Now, on the the book. The book opens with the title character, Pig, asking who do you think you are, when the cover clearly says DO NOT OPEN THIS BOOK!

He asks, “If a sign on a door reads DO NOT ENTER, do you enter?

It goes on like this. He is slightly irritated because it is not written yet. As you could see on the page opposite the dialogue, he has the tools necessary to make a book- glue, a drill press, a saw, nouns, adverbs, salty words, spicy words, etc…

He wouldn’t mind someone opening the book, if he could just finish. He has tried everything he can to get everyone to go away so he can finish. Do you think he’ll finish or will he keep getting interrupted? I guess you’re just going to have to read it and see for yourself.