Free Handwriting Worksheets & Handwriting Techniques

As Phillise was finishing up her book report, I noticed that her handwriting & her handwriting technique could both use a little help; so I did a little research on both.

In the process, I happened upon:

  • a nice, but rather lengthy article on the best way to hold a writing instrument. It was in regard to calligraphy writing, but still very informative.
  • one for dysgraphia (It’s very long, but is good information), for which I will write a post on later this week or next week.
  • free handwriting worksheets. Actually, I’ve posted this link here before, but I get so many hits on this that I thought I’d post it again. So, as promised, here is the link for the free handwriting worksheet generators. (Click here)
  • something called a Handwriting Club. I’ve never heard of it, but the concept is very appealing to me. I love it. I will be using it with my students for after school tutoring. It is a partnership/collaboration between the Occupational Therapist and Teacher, using sensory integration strategies to improve handwriting. It’s a medium length article. If you have the time, take a look at it. (Click here). Many of these articles come from **LD Online, one of the leading researchers in Learning Disabilities.

**If you’d like to visit them, here’s the website:


2 thoughts on “Free Handwriting Worksheets & Handwriting Techniques

  1. As you can see fig 2 in the article on holding your pen has the fingers flexed and using pressure that will cause the hand to tire quickly. Fig 3 is the peoper way to hold the pen without becoming tired. I actually have a friend who is left handed and she holds her pen that way in the left hand and writes as smoothly without smearing her writing just by angling her paper right to left instead of left to right. Those old penmanship exercises taught us to lightly rest the hand on the desk so the hand could move along with the writing.

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