What’s In My Future…

There are so many things going on with me this month. Like to hear about ’em, here they are:

  • There were so many birthdays in my family in the summer that my aunt Linda is giving a party for all of the July & August birthdays tomorrow. It’s adults only. I’m not mad at her. There are so many kids in the family that it takes a small fortune to feed them if everyone shows up.
  • Phillip is scheduled for surgery Monday to have the pin removed from his ankle on Monday.
  • I have a conflict on Monday because I go back to work on Monday for 3, count ’em, three weeks of professional development meetings.
  • I return to school in about 3 weeks.
  • Which means that I only have a little more than one month left before I go back to school and teaching full time.
  • Consequently, I go back to praying full time! 🙂