Read To Me L.A.

(Taken directly from Los Angeles Public Library website)

Read T Me L.A. Image

Read to Me L.A. is a free program that teaches parents and caregivers how to read to their preschool children and help them become successful readers. Giving children a head start in reading is important, because kids who read succeed!

Beginning in Fall 2007, librarians will hold Read to Me L.A. storytimes for parents and their preschool children at the Central Library and all 71 branch libraries citywide. At the storytimes, parents will learn how to bring books into their home, how to read to their children daily, and how to give their children the skills they need to become readers. Children will learn about books, simple phonics and new words.

At the storytimes, parents will also receive free books, booklists, and tips so they can continue building their children’s reading skills daily.

For more information about Read to Me L.A. and helping your preschool child read—and succeed—contact Ilene Abramson, Director of Children’s Services, 213-228-7480, or visit your local Los Angeles Public Library.

There is an excellent booklist (click here) that highlight the six pre-reading skills- Letter Knowledge, Vocabulary Skills, Phonics Awareness, Narrative Skills, Print Awareness, Print Motivation. Once children know these essential skills, they should be well on their way to reading.


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