The CST Scores Are In!!!

My school just received our preliminary CST test scores, and they are very good. I am extraordinarily proud of my students. They did such a great an excellent job.

I’m talking about my students having an average +58.2 point gain in English/Language Arts, and an average gain of +57.5 points in Math.

I’m not sure if wrote about crying last year because one of my students could not distinguish between the plus & the minus sign. Well, he finally did, and I am happy to report that Lil’ Man jumped +91 points in ELA and +56 points in Math. How’s that for progress and learning the difference between the plus and the minus signs.

While some of them are still Far Below Basic (FBB), they have made significant gains to be on their way to Proficient (P) or Advanced (A) (which is the goal). This is very significant. My students can finally be looked at as students, instead of just Special Education students. Yaaaaaaaaaaay for my students!!!!!!!!!

Another thing is that I am really proud of me. Me. The same me who I thought was so incompetent during the year. The same me who cried most of last year. The same me who beat myself up so bad, and nearly drove myself into the ground. The same me who had stomach flu twice, and walking pneumonia (and didn’t even know it) because my body broke down when I thought that I could not possibly survive another day. The same me, who, though I knew that I could do it, still had serious doubts.

I am sooooooooo happy! Here’s to continued success this year!

** I don’t know how, but I forgot to mention that one of my other students, Marry, gained +96 points in math to go from a Far Below Basic to a Basic**


One thought on “The CST Scores Are In!!!

  1. I accidentally came across this searching for info on the scores but I’m glad I did because I started rejoicing over my students scores all over again reading about your excitement, lol. I know that exact feeling!
    Many of my students on my caseload and in the intervention class I teach (Read 180) tested at basic! After teaching a residential treatment facility with a high turn over, I never look at CST scores, but now that I teach at a public high school (let alone one in PI) with the same students all year, . It’s exciting to think my teaching may have influenced a student score. I’m beyond happy that the students scoring in the “basic” range will get to finally choose their own electives instead math and reading all day, but I’ve been secretly beaming with pride about the scores of my mostly ELL and half RSP English class.
    We just missed one of the marks by only a few students again which is so frustrating because every group showed clear AYP in all areas. We easily would have made it if the bar didn’t rise so much higher each year, not to mention that California’s standards are higher than most states. Oh well, we’re all still celebrating how well our school performed.
    Congratulations to you and your students,

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