Alphabet War by David Artuso

I found this poem in the front of a book entitled READING BY THE COLORS by Helen Irlen. It was written by a college student who wanted the world to understand the frustration of the reading experience for someone with SSS. Perhaps there was a title, but I didn’t see it. So I took the liberty of naming it The Alphabet War by David Artuso.

ALPHABET WAR by David Artuso

B’s and d’s look the same to me—

And so do p’s and q’s.

N’s and u’s I always confuse—

And m’s and w’s.

The page is bright. It hurts my eyes.

the words, they jump about.

Like little worms, they wriggle and squirm.

They make me want to shout.

The teachers tell me I must try.

I try! I try! I try!

It hurts my head. It hurts! It hurts!

And then I start to cry.

—David Artuso