Disaggregating The CST data!

We are disaggregating the data today at school. Simply put, disaggregating the data  means that we are taking the data apart and analyzing it. For instance, for my class, I want to see how many of my students moved from FBB to BB or B; or even if they stayed at the same level, did they make progress.

My answer (and yes I am bragging) is a resounding yes. There was so much progress made in my class- from a low scoring FBB to a high scoring FBB, almost BB, to a jump from FBB to B.

This is such a great feeling for me. I simply cannot believe the amazing progress. Some of the teachers think that this is boring, but it’s very exciting to me because I can’t believe how much the test scores have gone up. My mind is blown. I guess I really did make a difference.

Well, I have to go. I have to continue basking in this glow. Until next time people!