A New Year, A New Me!

This is a new year and a new me. After all the tumult of last year’s rollercoaster ride, I deserved a break. I had no idea that teaching was so intense or that is was so much work. Even though teachers only work for a certain amount of time, we are constantly planning and/or thinking about what we need to do for this student or that student; always picking up stuff.

That break that I had in July was one of the best things in the world for me because I now feel refreshed and ready to tackle another year. I feel like know I can do it now. When I first started I thought that I could do it. That is until I got in the classroom. Once I was in front of the class and all the behaviors started coming at my like I was at the bottom of a windmill getting pummeled, I knew for sure that I’d made a mistake. But, being the die hard person that I am, I never quit. I was rewarded handsomely too. My students performed very well on the standardized test. Since I found out, I have on Cloud 9 and have gotten such a confidence boost because of it.

This year, I am starting at the beginning of the year; and I’m feeling good about it. One of the problems last year was that I started teaching in November. It was really hard coming into a new work site (whether you’re a teacher or not) and being the only new teacher. Everyone else had known each other for years and here I am the odd man out. Starting at the beginning of the year is very refreshing. I feel like things are going to be okay. Even though I was so insecure. For starters, all the other teachers seemed to know what they were doing; whereas I felt like an idiot. I was so insecure with my abilities as a teacher. Now I feel like I’m ready to take on the world.I have much more realistic expectations. I kinda’ know what to do. I know what to expect from my students and they know what to expect of me.

So, here’s to the new, confident me that I always knew I could be. Also, here’s to another successful year.


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