Guess How Smart I Am?

Well, guess! I’m so smart that I stapled two of my fingers together while I was putting up my bulletin boards. This is what happened? The stapler jammed and I, being the genius that I am, decided to investigate. I turned the stapler over to try to dislodge whatever was in there when I felt a prick.

“Ouch, that hurts!!!” I said as I looked at my handy work. Smart. Very smart.

Next step: remove the staple which hurt more coming out than it did going in. I think that it didn’t hurt as much going in because I was in such a state of shock. I couldn’t believe I did that. To myself no less.

When I got home, I told Phillip & Dakota. Why’d I do that? Of course they laughed at me. I should have kept that little pice of information to myself (j/k). It was stupid, but it was funny.

So, bye for now. I’m wasting time. I have 23 pages of small print to read for homework. I would have done it sooner, but the pages were only put on Blackboard today. So, it sucks, but I guess I should have bought the books beforehand.

So, bye for now! And as always, here’s to continued success!

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