Tired Me!

i just got into the house after being in my classroom allllllll day. Why didn’t anyone tell me that it took so long to put up bulletin boards? I started @ about 10- 1:30 when I had to go for a :30 minute training. That finished about 2. Then I went back to putting up the bulletin boards with a small 10 minute break because my back was hurting from all the bending down. I finished @ about 4:40 p.m., took a trip to see one of my former students, stopped off to get something to eat since I hadn’t done that all day, and came home.

Whew, what a day! I only need to clean out the closets and I will be all set. Now, all I have to do before tomorrow is get my lesson plan together, finish my homework, braid Phillise’s hair, get my hair done…

2 thoughts on “Tired Me!

  1. I always like to partner up with someone when I do bulletin boards because they do take a lot of work. My to-do list is so long…I feel your pain!

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