A Praise Report!!!

Well, folks, I have a praise report. I don’t know how I forgot to mention this but David got into this very nice school that was formerly a private school that has gone charter.

Let me begin by making my excuse saying that I was so busy, swamped, overwhelmed and whatever else you want to call it with starting my first year of teaching and beginning grad school that I didn’t make time to put in a magnet school application for David. So, my first choice of schools was automatically out because the deadline had passed for magnet school applications back in January. My next option, another well-known charter school also down the street, also happened to be swamped with applications. I dragged my feet and procrastinated on turning it in and ended up #81 on the waiting list. I knew that barring a miracle, there was no way that David was going to get into that school.

I was out of options. I thought that he was going to have to go to the local middle school (which is not so good, btw) and be outta’ place. However, God had other plans. I was passing by his current school, which wasn’t his current school at the time, and saw that they were accepting applications for the 08-09 school year. At the time I thought that it was a private school, but was resigned to paying for it to keep him from going to the local middle school.

However, once I called and inquired about the tuition, I was informed that it was fee-free, but that I would be #3 on the waiting list. Hey, that’s better than #83, right? So, I decided to take my chances and put in the application. Anything could happen, right? Well, anything did happen. I finally finished gathering all of the necessary documents last Tuesday and returned the application @ about 10:00 a.m. Imagine how happy I was when I received a call at 12 o’clock noon telling me that there had been a last minute cancellation and that David could attend.

Hallelujah and Thank you Jesus! God worked it out for me and my family.

Only The 2nd Day & Already….

Well, it seems like Robin is up to his old tricks again. He disrupted class and picked on other students all day just because. I don’t know how I’m going to deal with another year of his behaviors. I’m tired of it already and it’s only the second day. If his behavior is this off the hook on the second day, what will it look like a couple of weeks from now? Even though I know that I can deal with his behaviors, I just don’t want to. Wasn’t last year enough?????????

As always though, I will just do it. I don’t know what else I can do!!!!!!!  Help!