Even The “Bad” Ones…

Yesterday I got a new student who I’ll nickname  Not understood or Nu for short. He came from the Early Education (EE) Special Day Class (SDC) downstairs. I’d forgotten about him. I got a “load” of him last year when he was in the Assistant Principal’s office.

“I’m going to get him next year. What am I going to do with him when I get him?” I thought to myself. Well, I got my chance yesterday. “Think quick,” I told myself when my AP brought him into the room. And that’s exactly what I did. He came in with a scowl on his face. I told myself that I would not be prejudiced; that I would treat like I do all of my students; and I did.

He didn’t want to eat the breakfast given by the nurse so I gave him some of my secret stash of goodies. I left him at a seat to sit at while he chowed down with instructions to return to my desk when he finished. He did it without hesitation.

“Thank you for following my instructions,” I told him. Now, come and sit by me. We need to get to know each other. Tell me a little about yourself (So we chatted for about 3 minutes uninterrupted).

This is one of the first things that I do with students in my room. I spend some time getting to know them and finding out what makes them tick. I also get them used to public speaking by having them stand in front of the room and introduce themselves since they’re going to be together for a couple of years. He did that with no problem.

The next thing that I did after lunch was to have “my talk” with him. This is about how it went.

“Ya’ know what Nu, everybody thinks you’re bad, but I know you’re not. Here in my class, you are not the bad student. You get a fresh start. I won’t let anyone say you’re bad. You’re frustrated. You’re screaming and nobody hears you. You’re asking for help and nobody understands you. Sometimes you do pick on people, but other times, people hit you because they know they can get away with it because the teacher is not going to believe you. It seems like nobody can see that you’re not bad, but I do. I know that you’re not bad like everyone thinks. We’re going to be friends okay? “Okay,” he said with a smile.

Once I have my talks with my students, I still have problems out of them, but no major problems like they had before. Everyone should have talks with their students. Yes, even the “bad “ones. Maybe then, they won’t be so known as the “bad” one.

As always, here’s to continued success!

2 thoughts on “Even The “Bad” Ones…

  1. Yeah, I had a quirky little girl last year, who within two days of the start of school was being called “bad” by all of the other kids. So we had a couple of little class meetings, the first with her out of the room where I explained to them that she was NOT “bad”, nobody in OUR class was “bad”. I then explained that she never did any of the odd things she did because she was being naughty, or mean or defiant, she was just learning how to act at school like everyone else. This was re-enforced as needed with her in the room or out of the room as needed. And we had a great year.

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