Had A Bad Day

Daniel Powter’s song, “You Had a Bad Day” would be so nice to hear right now because I did in fact have a bad day. My bad day today is connected to a post I wrote a couple of days ago about treating the “bad” children fairly just like any other child.

I said it and I meant it. “Bad” children are children too. They deserve to be treated with respect just like any other child. However, today was not such a good day in regard to this “bad” child.

Today, I simply did not have the patience that I needed to deal with him. I mean he was all over the place. He kept talking at inappropriate times; he wouldn’t sit down; he started fights with four other students, & was just basically unruly. That, coupled with the fact that almost nothing worked out as planned today, made for less patience on my part.

I do realize that he misbehaves because he’s lost. After all, he’s the youngest kid in the class, he’s in a new environment and he doesn’t know what to do. However, when I try to offer him help, he won’t respond. He’s only in 2nd grade. Could he be defeated already?

I will need to try harder and be more patient tomorrow. So, as always, no matter how hard it is, here’s to continued success!


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