He Spelled Cheese…

Yes, he spelled cheese. It may not seem like much to anyone else, but he sounded it out by himself. This is someone who was having difficulty writing out the whole alphabet without looking @ the Sound Spelling (S/S) cards.

This is how it began. I was practicing writing strategies with my English Language Development (ELD) students (formerly ESL) and he (Robin) asked how to spell it.

“Why don’t you tell me,” I said.

He was having a tiny bit of trouble so I referred him to the S/S cards.

“Chipmunk card… ch he said. Long e card… e. EEE, I said as I stressed the e to let him know that it had a  double e spelling. There’s something on the end.

Wait, don’t tell me. I know how to spell it. “C-h-e-e-s-e,” he triumphantly spelled.

At that, the class and I gave him a hand. He grinned a Cheshire cat smile from ear to ear.

Gotta’ go, but as always, here’s to continued success.