Is It Always Going To Be Like This?

I’m thinking aloud to myself. Because if it is, I want to quit. One of my students who came in the middle of the year, who everyone knew as bad, changed when he came into my room. He always misbehaved a little, but we had an understanding. The saving grace for him was his attitude towards adults. Even though he’s “bad”, he and his brother are very respectful of adults.

My new student is “bad”, as well as four others whose behaviors are so ridiculous that I spend most of my time disciplining. The difference between my formerly “bad” student and the other four “bad” ones is their disrespect. They are so disrespectful. They don’t seem to know what the word respect means.

I just don’t know if I can spend the rest of my teaching career like this. It is too intense, not to mention the work. The work, oh my goodness, the work is mindblowingly overwhelming. I thought that my lack of preparedness last year had to do with my having had no formal training (whatsoever) before going into the classroom. However, I had the pleasure of attending a special ed training for OCR back in May that was so informative.

I thought that once I received the training it would be easy to implement. Why did I think that? I have since found out that it is not so easy to translate the ideas I have into a working model. I have been praying as well as looking for ways to make my instruction better. Well, my prayers were answered when I went in to school to take care of a few things. My Principal spoke with me about a program through UTLA, that’s especially for new teachers, that sends retired, more experienced teachers into the classroom to help new teachers.

I wish I would have known about this program last year. That is why I am writing about it now. As I get more info I will disseminate it to you, my faithful readers. Until then, here’s to continued success!

I Wonder How…

I wonder how I got anything done last year because this year, I am spending twice as much time in my classroom after school, plus almost double the time planning. Yet I still have so much to do. I am overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of it all. Even though I was an assistant for 6.5 years, I did not know that teaching was soooooo much work.

I have so many factors working against me: Of my 13 students, more than half my students are behavior problems, two don’t even know their alphabets, three can’t read, one is non-verbal, and… well that’s it. But that is enough. Someone reading this may not think that 13 students are a lot, but it is when you have all of the above to contend with.

I am trying going to stay positive, but I do indeed have my job cut out for me. I will keep you updated as the situation progresses.