No Happy Dance After All!

As it turns out, there is no reason for a happy dance. Why? It’s because Lito is still in my class. I was informed on Thursday evening that he had gotten an Opportunity Transfer (kicked out) to his home school. He missed Friday, so I thought my troubles were over, when who should I see lined up downstairs today . Yep, you guessed it. Lito. I was so mad that I think smoke quite possibly came out of my ears.

I am so mad that I don’t think there is an adjective to describe that way I feel. I am so screwed! I have no leverage now. Telling him that he would be sent to his home school if he misbehaved was my ace in the hole. Now, what do I have? He knows that he can act up at will without impunity.

Once again I say that I am so screwed! But I will continue as always. Why does it have to be so hard though??????????????