More Information For Struggling Teachers

Someone from the office of Peer Assistance and Review called me back today and gave me the information that I needed to get started. I am, as promised, disseminating that information to you. This is what you do:

  • Go to, go to Offices (up top in red)
  • An alphabetized list will come up.
  • When you see it, scroll down to get to the P’s. You will see Peer Assistance and Review.
  • Click on it.
  • From there you will be re-directed to a page where you will see Peer Assistance and Review again.
  • To the left, you will see Publications. Click on it.
  • Next you will see Component 3 Forms.
  • Click on both, print them out, and fax them to the number on the left.
  • After that, wait for someone to call you back and you can get started. I will be faxing mine off in the morning. I am excitedly looking forward to this experience. I know that it’s going to work out for me. I know that it will work out for you.

As always, here’s to continued success!

How Do I Cope???

I am having the hardest time with Lito because I thought I was finished with all his behaviors. I know that I need to deal with him but I just don’t have the patience. It’s mainly because I thought that he would be out of my class. How do I cope with all his many behaviors, plus the behaviors of the others? It is simply overwhelming. What am I going to do??????????????????