Daily Schedule

This is my schedule so far, but I will revise it as necessary.

Required: 90 minutes/day of OCR, 45 minutes/day of Intervention, 90 minutes/week of Science, Social Studies can be incorporated into OCR

8:00~8:10 Morning assembly

8:10~8:16 Morning greeting (The students were instructed from the very beginning not to enter the classroom without my permission. So, after we come upstairs and go to the classroom, I open the door, shake each student’s hand individually and say good morning to them. In response, they look me in the face and respond good morning to me also before they are allowed in the classroom.)

8:16~8:24 Weather journal/Date (In order for the students to be more observant of the world around them, we observe the weather, see how many are dressed for it, and then chart it. I started this because I saw a chart on the CSTs and the students didn’t know how to read it. I thought that I’d get a jump on the test from the very beginning of the year. We then write the date, including the day, month, and year. I set the timer and give them 4-6 minutes to write it. The students are now going to write from a writing prompt related to OCR them for which they are given 10 minutes to complete. Afterwards, two students are allowed to share.)

8:24~8:26 Transition (I set a timer for 2 minutes to give them time to get into their groups.)

8:26~9:11 ELD

9:11~9:13 Transition

9:13~9:43 OCR

9:43~9:45 Transition/line-up/bathroom

9:50~10:10 Recess

10:10~10:20 Bathroom/return to class

10:20~10:30 Quiet time. I cut this out of the schedule because it took up too much time. Just as the time when I removed Expression, I regretted. It was a big mistake, big, big mistake.

10:30~10:32 Transition

10:32~11:32 OCR

11:32~11:34 Transition

11:34-11:44 Intervention (Includes Voyager, phonograms, HFW, Sound/Spelling (S/S) cards, Riddle me this, & Bob books)

11:44~11:46 Line up/bathroom

11:50~12:30 Lunch

12:30~12:40 Bathroom/return to class

12:40~1:15 Intervention continued

1:15~2:15 TouchMath

2:15~2:17 Transition

2:17~2:27 Explanation of homework/Dismissal

Let’s be clear that the day almost never goes like this. This is strictly theoretical. I wish that it did work like this everyday, but because of the population, this doesn’t happens. I have to give them more time to complete their work. It’s written into their I.E.P. Even if it wasn’t though, I would still give them more time. So, if this schedule doesn’t work for you, modify it to suit your needs.

2 thoughts on “Daily Schedule

  1. I love this schedule. i like the way you break up the OCR. I have been doing it in one big block in the morning and it felt way too long

  2. Thanks George. I like it like this also because when I tried to teach it all in one block, it was way too long and boring. It’s still a work in progress though. I am still fine tuning it. Let’s see how things go and if I need to change it much.

    Good luck in the training tomorrow.

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