My Dilemma

I have a dilemma. This has to do with the schedule of my classroom. I posted it yesterday. I like it but it’s a totally different one from last year. Last year I did not stick to any schedule. If I planned a lesson for 25 minutes and it ran over because the children were extra chatty and excited, then it just ran over. I took a constructivist approach and let the children direct the instruction to a certain point.  I still kept control but they had a little bit more say than they do now.

Now, I have so much to do that I shuffle them from activity to activity with only a 2 minute transition period. Last year, I kinda’ had an excuse since I was new and hadn’t had any training. Now that I’ve had the training, I have responsibilities that I take pretty seriously, and I need to live up to them.

That’s why I have the dilemma. I know that I still need to live up to my responsibilities, but I know that my students need to move around and have more choices than they’re currently given. Last year, I didn’t have a real set schedule but my students made remarkable progress. This year, I do have a schedule and we’re getting a lot done. Their writing has improved immensely, as well as their knowledge of the S/S cards spelling cards and consequently their spelling. But they are not having as much fun or experiencing as much freedom as they did last year. I need to find a happy medium. Somewhere in between my chronically schedule breaking self last year and my overly scheduled self this year is where I need to be.

I really need help. Is there anyone out there who can give me some pointers or some helpful suggestions? I would appreciate it so much.


2 thoughts on “My Dilemma

  1. Other than independent work time (which I believe they call III in special education) can you build in times to visit an inquiry table or some sort of exploration in between activities?

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