Proactive vs. Reactive

One thing that I have learned during my time as a parent and my time working in schools is the need to be proactive instead of reactive. What is proactive? and what is reactive? Simply put, reactive means reacting to a situation that has already occured, while proactive means heading off any problems before they start or before they get worse.

The reason I post on this today is because I have not been proactive on a situation brewing in my classroom. Robin, who is just a mean bully when he’s off his meds, has decided that he wants to pick on my new student, Polo. There have been so many other behavior problems from other students that I haven’t properly defused the situation. Right now I am in a reactive mode. I need to be in a proactive mode. The proper proactive role to take would have been sitting these two down and having them discuss what the problem is.

The real problem is that Robin is a big a** bully who’s picking on Polo. I need to have a talk with the two of them tomorrow so that Polo can feel safe and not like he’s in a battlefield.

Now that you know my mistake, don’t make the same one. Ask yourself if you’re being proactive or reactive. If you’re not being proactive, now’s the time to start. Trust me it makes for a more peaceful classroom and a less stressed you.

As always, here’s to continued success!