An Easier Way to Teach Open Court to Special Education students, Part 2

**This is the second installment of an easier way to teach Open Court to Special Education students.

I sat down with my very knowledgeable Literacy Coach and made lesson plans with her. I asked her about planning my lesson on Tuesday, and by Wednesday she was ready for me with a lesson plan template for all 10 days of the lesson. (Just in case you missed my earlier post, special ed teachers using OCR are allowed to teach only half the stories (first, second, and last), so that the ones that we do teach are taught in depth.)

She suggested that I use the English Language Support Guide (ELSG-pronounced el sig) for the first day before I even start the GREEN (Phonemic awareness), RED, or BLUE (writing) sections since it lines up with lessons being taught and introduces the students to the skills they need to learn.

The template has the day of the week with room for the date in the header with:

Preparing to Read:

Reading & Responding:

Language Arts:

If you would like a copy of the lesson plan and the template, email me @ with the heading Lesson Plan template.


6 thoughts on “An Easier Way to Teach Open Court to Special Education students, Part 2

  1. Leila, I am a second year teacher for children with special needs. I was wondering if you still have the lesson plan template? It will really help me. My principal want s me to teach Open Court to my children and it makes it hard to follow the pacing program.

    I feel lost. I don’t know what to teach from Open Court. Some tell me to just teach the green section and work on the Sounds and Letters and intervention section.

    Can you HELP?

    Thank You,


  2. My son (4th grade) OCR is failing him.
    What other programs should I look at or how can OCR be modified for him?
    Problems with reading,fluency,comprehension. All just became a problem this year. Curriculum is more difficult.

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