They Were Fighting To Read To The Class (Literally)!

Yes you read it right. My students were literally fighting to read to the class. As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I wrote about how I turned a deficit into something positive. Since I didn’t have the required materials (the listening CD), I decided to have them read the Student Anthology. It was so successful, in fact, that the students wanted to read in front of the class.

This came about because I told the students that I thought it was time for them to start reading to me instead of me reading to them. They agreed also. So, I told the students that after Recess I would make a list of students to read. I had a list but one or two students decided that they didn’t want to wait, so there was a slight altercation. I really didn’t mind the fight so much because of the reason why they were fighting. I still chastised them a little, but not like I would have if they were fighting for mean and selfish reasons.

Initially I’d only planned for one student to read, but they all wanted to read. Far be it for me to interfere with their eagerness to learn. In response to their enthusiastic response, I scheduled 20 minutes after Recess and 20 minutes after Lunch for them to read.

I gave out so many claps, high fives, and various compliments today. There was such an air of excitement about learning. It was a great atmosphere in the class. Today, (like the incident last year when I told the students that I was so proud of them for fighting) they became a family.