Just Doin’ A Little Bit Of Cookin’!

Well, I actually accomplished a little something today. I ‘ve already made 2 of the 4 Sweet Potato pies. One’s in the oven cooking. As soon as that one’s finished cooking, I am going to cook the 4th and final one. After that I will start on the 3 Large Peach Cobblers I’m making. I will start cooking my turkey in the morning after thawing it out overnight in water.
One thing that I’ve learned is to save time where I can. I do that with Old Glory brand products. Their products are so much like homemade. My uncle from Louisiana who told me that he wouldn’t eat any black-eyed peas out of the can, ate theirs. My sister who told me that she wouldn’t eat greens out of the can, ate theirs. I also used their sweet potatoes out of the can. I just let my sons sample and they thought it was delicious.
Thank God I don’t have to provide everything though. Everyone else will bring the side dishes.
One of my sisters, A, is bringing the Macaroni n’ Cheese, while my other sister, D, is bringing her delicious potatoes. Rounding out the last of the side dishes is my other sister, S, who is bringing her famous, moist, mouth-watering cakes.
I’ll make the mashed potatoes, stuffing from scratch and other stuff in the morning. When I take my lil’ shortcuts, I come out smelling like a rose without sweating like a pig.
So, I hope your Thanksgiving dinner (however you choose to spend it) is as joyous as mines.


Advice To A First Year Teacher!

One thing that I’ve learned this year that I wish I would have learned last year is to use all of the resources available to me. Use the services of the Literacy Coach, the Math Coach, veteran teachers, anyone who can help. Use them. That’s what they’re there for!
Until next time!