Not My Responsibility!

A couple of my students literally live right across the street from the school but do not make it to school on time to eat. The school nurse used to have extra food in her office, but doesn’t anymore. So, if I don’t have any snacks in the classroom they are hungry and out of luck.

I give them snacks some time, but cannot afford to give them snacks all the time. I will go broke. I only have 14 students but feeding the 3 who never eat at home or make it to school to eat breakfast is simply too expensive and not my responsibility.

Where are these parents who send their kids to school hungry? Why are they expecting me to feed their kids? I don’t mean to be cold-hearted or anything, but the more you do for some people, the more they expect.

I’d still like to know what other people would do. Would you feed them at your own expense?

**I forgot to mention that some of my students were taking advantage of the snacks. They would eat and lie and tell me that they didn’t. I found out because my other students would tell me that they had eaten. So I instituted a 2/month snack limit. It works out because I buy the Austin 45 pack of cookies and crackers. My children don’t like the ones that aren’t peanut butter, so I take those to my students. I’m just so mad at the students who try to take advantage. It makes me not want to do anything for them.**

4 thoughts on “Not My Responsibility!

  1. I wonder if your school could partner up with a food bank or something? Or maybe you could contact the school social worker about those particular kids?

    A couple of days ago we received an email at work requesting donations to create food boxes for students who will not have the benefit of eating school breakfast and lunch while we are on break.

    I also recently read an article about a school who prepares weekend food backpacks for kids who face the same dilemma. I do feel for them because I think about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. But as teachers we can barely afford to feed our own families!

  2. Morocco, it is nice to see you commenting and posting again. My heart goes out to you and yours. I know that time heals all wounds but that you will always remember your husband and hold him in your heart.

    In response to your comment, I do think about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. I know that they can’t concentrate, but what can I do short of going broke? Not to mention the students who try to get more than their fair share. So, in addition to all of the many jobs that I perform already-mother, counselor, police officer, etc- I now have to be provider as well? I can only do so much. It is enough right now to take care of my own while going to school and teaching. This situation sucks but what more can I do.
    I will speak to the Principal on Monday but my school already does so much. Some of the families border on neglect. I have been documenting everything. I’m afraid that I will have to make a call to CPS.

  3. I know what you mean about the breakfast, I have a little girl who gets to school on time about half the time, and half the time, I don’t think she eats dinner the night before. I teach special ed. also, and although usually I fight for my kids to be treated the same, this is the one of the few things that I allow different treatment for, our cafeteria manager will allow my kids to get breakfast all the way up to 8:30 (our school starts at 7:50, and breakfast is supposed to stop being passed out at 7:30). Don’t know if it would work for you (or if your kids even get free breakfast), we had enough kids on free lunch that now the whole school gets free lunch, even the ones who don’t qualify. Good luck!

  4. I will talk to the cafeteria manager tomorrow, but they are sticklers for the rules. They’re pretty cold. They will see children coming and slam the door in their faces. But you never know. I’ll try it. Thanks for the suggestion.

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