Making Rooom for Something New!

I am so happy that vacation is finally here. NOW, I can do something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time- I can spring fall clean my house. I’ve gotten off to a rip roaring start. I totally cleaned up my room and changed it around. It had been the same for too long. I can’t stand that. I needed a change. So, I changed it. I’m also making room for something new. I want a small chair for reading in my bedroom. So, I made space in a small corner for it. You see, it doesn’t make sense to want something, plan for it, and not make room for it. This simple principle has worked almost all my life. When I want something new, I make room for it. I guess it’s the power of the Law of Attraction. Whatever it is, it works.

The next thing I’m going to change is my dining room. I am re-upholstering the chairs and making new Roman shades. I’m also going to take the leaf out of my table. Right now, the table is 104″ and seats 8. It is taking up too much of my dining room. So, once I remove the leaf, the table will only be 96″ and will seat 6. I’ll put the leaf in for special occassions. For now, that doggone table is way too long.

I’m also planning on updating my bathroom and my laundry room. So, since I have such a long to do list, I don’t have time to be sitting here writing this blog post. So, stop reading this and get out of here! Bye! Are you still here? Go, go do some cleaning up of your own.

Until next time people!


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