Book Snob No More!

Yes, dear readers. I have to admit that I am a former book snob. I used to be I am one of those people who look down my nose on great literature being made into movies. Nope. Upon second thought, I realized that I still do not like the thought of great books being made into movies. I still look down my nose at that particular practice.

Once I’ve read the book, I don’t want my version of things sullied by Hollywood’s version of things. I much prefer to read the book because when I’m reading the book, the characters are of your own creation. They are who I want them to be- not who Hollywood chooses for the role because of their box office star power.

The one thing that bothers me most about great books being made into movies is the creative license that’s taken. Once the new writer changes this or changes that to suit whatever “new” purpose they want to convey, they’ve gone and messed up the book to me. So, I guess I’m still a book snob in that respect.

However, one medium that is newly discovered and loved by me, that has been around forever, is books on tape. My husband has been trying to tell me to listen to books on tape forever, but I would not listen. I stubbornly refused to give up my reading (which I cherish with every fiber of my being). When I’m reading I am totally lost in that book. I felt that listening to it on tape somehow took away from the whole experience. However, I was wrong.

I changed my mind when I discovered Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key on tape. This was like a godsend as I tried reading the book to my students with no luck. Sometimes I would be lost and would forget my place. It certainly didn’t help that most of the students didn’t remember either. I would have to keep going back to sum up the story. So, I abandoned it and was very sad because I really wanted them to hear the story. That’s why I was so happy when I found it on tape.

“Perfect,”I thought. After they come in from Recess and Lunch, I will let them listen to it and we will discuss it. So, that is what we are doing right now and it is working out like a charm. Now, not only am I checking out books for my class, but Phillise and I are checking books on tape out left and right. I simply cannot get enough of them. It’s helping me be more productive. Right now, I am listening to “The Birminghams go to Alabama- 1963”. Plus I am reading a book given to me at the AEMP conference by Baruti K. Kafele, entitled “A Handbook for Teachers of African American Children. In addition to that, I am also reading an organizational book that I got from my sister-in-law on Christmas. Right now I am so productive.

I am thoroughly enjoying my vacation. One of the things I love most about vacations is that I get to read to my hearts content. I read books that I did not make time to read during the year. So, I have to go because, as it happens, this post has gotten way longer than I expected it to.

I have to say before I go though, that I guess I’m still a book snob in one way. Being a book snob is okay, but limiting. I am expanding my repetoire and ways of obtaining information. As always, I will continually seek new ways to be more efficient while being of service to my students and my own children.

But for now, let me go back to my reading and listening, with my snobby self! Until next time people.


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