I Love My Beautiful, Ordinary Life

When I first heard this song I didn’t know who it was so I asked my children. Imagine how shocked I was when they told me it was Wayne Brady. Oh my goodness, I simply could not believe it. He has definitely scored a hit with this. I knew that he could sing but not like this. I love this song. I love the lyrics and its message. I simply cannot listen to it enough. It is my favorite song right now.

Just as Wayne states in the song, I do indeed love my beautiful, ordinary life. You couldn’t pay me enough to be a celebrity. Their privacy is constantly invaded. They have no secrets. They never know who’s going to sell them out. It’s such a hard life. I wouldn’t trade my beautiful, ordinary life for anything.

Well, maybe just a little time with Denzel or Hill Harper :).

Still Thinking About The Inaguration!

On Election Day I didn’t get to watch a lot of it. Thank goodness for Youtube! I was watching the Obamas dance their first dance and unexpectedly teared up. I didn’t expect to get emotional like that, but I did. I love seeing how in love they are. There are some things you can’t fake, and one of them is being in love. When I look at the Obamas I see true love. I am so happy for them. They are the epitome of class and poise. They would make a great first family no matter what color they were. Many could benefit from their example. Stay strong and in love Mr. President and First Lady.

He Had Pity On Me!

One of the strong male teachers at the school had pity on me today. He kept Nu for the entire day. I love him. I am going to get him a gift. Oh, what a peaceful day I had. I actually got to teach.

One funny thing, I was so worried about him returning that I kinda’ rushed through things, so we finished almost everything early today. It was a good and a bad thing. But, oh, what a peaceful day it was!

I’m still tired because I need vitamins, so until next time people!

How Much More?

I don’t even know how much more I can take. My student, Nu, is offffffffff the hook. Today, he began before the bell even began. I know that there is something wrong with him, but it just seems like more than I can bear. I seriously think that he needs to be in an Emotionally Disturbed (ED) class. He really does have issues. He fights so much I had to switch my schedule all around because he couldn’t get along with most of the students in second recess. I know that things are going to come to an end soon because of some things that I have in the works, but it seems like it can’t come fast enough.

I am exhausted, but I have to go to school in a few minutes, so until next time!

Just Trying To Make It Through The Day…

As the title says, I am just trying to make it through the day. My student, Nu, is really trying my patience. But, it ‘s all in how I handle it. Today, I just had to ignore him. Other times I’ve tried it with other students it didn’t work. However, with him, it works like gangbusters. He hates to be ignored. His whole mission and reason for coming to school seems to be to make everyone laugh- the class clown. Well, I am dealing with it because I know that he is not going to just go away. He is here to stay. That is what I have resigned myself to. Now, all I have to do is find out how to work miracles while raising my family, teaching school, and finishing school.

I’ll be hanging in there until next time people!

How Did I Forget About That?

How did I forget about that? I am constantly asking myself that question. I am talking about my behavior management/modification strategies I use with my students.

I laugh and joke with my students all the time. We have a great time. That is what helps us make it through the day. So, why, oh why, did I stop laughing and joking with them? I don’t know! It has worked so well up until now.

So today I started playing with them again. I don’t know why I ever stopped. If it ain’t broke…