Not Enough…

As I look back on old photos or just think about most of the things around me, I’ve noticed that I never have enough of something. Whether it be decorations for my Valentines Day party, or furniture in my house, or my classroom.

I’ve always liked to think that I like understated tastes. I do, but I’m starting to see a pattern. This pattern goes back very far; to when I was in elementary school.

I was always smarter than the other children. Since it was a little uncomfortable always having the answer and having my classmates give me the side of death, I learned how to hide. By hiding I mean not raising my hand, or giving the wrong answers. I became a master of not being noticed.

As I’m looking around my living room, I only see a ficus tree in the corner, the t.v. stand in the opposite corner with the television, and a sectional sofa across from it that takes up the whole wall. And that’s it. No coffee table, no other items. That’s it. I thought that it was because I didn’t like clutter but now I see that it is so much more or less, however you want to say it.

I see now that I do not have enough. That I am still hiding, trying not to be noticed. Anyway, now that I know what the root is and the manifestation of the problem, I can definitely get to the heart of the matter. Right now I am planning to redesign most of my whole house to have it more balanced.

I noticed this in my classroom, so I had someone else come in and help me redesign me. I have to say that I am quite pleased with it. I still have a little moving around to do it to get it to the way that I want it, but I’m getting there. Just as I will get there with the redesign of my house.

Glad I figured it out! So, until next time people!


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