When Procrastination Paid Off For Me…

I hate to admit this, but since I’ve had my plate so full, I have become a bit of a procrastinator. Usually, this ends up biting me in the but. However, today, it paid off for me.

Before Christmas I saw the cutest little Continental Electric brand mini sewing machine that I thought would be great to teach Phillise how to sew. I told myself that I would buy it when I had more money. I didn’t know that it was a seasonal item though.

So, I put it off and put it off, until I remembered that I wanted to get it for Phillise’s birthday, which was yesterday. Anyway, long story short, I tried to get it yesterday and the store was out. So, I went back to the first store that I saw it, only to have the manager inform that it was sent back to the warehouse to make room for other stuff since it was a seasonal item.

I was upset, but decided to do like I always do and check for myself. Did I find it? Yep, I sure did. It was the last one left. So, I took it up to the cashier, ready to pay the asking price of $19.99, when it rang up for $1.99.

“Oh, my goodness,” said the cashier, “this machine is only $1.99.” She asked another cashier who wasn’t working to go and get her one as I happily smiled knowing that I’d nabbed the last one.

Thank goodness I procrastinated!


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