A Rose By Any Other Name!

I am so smart. Guess how smart I am? Well, guess. I am so smart that I got a new student today, who I’ll call Ann. Now, I knew that her name was Ann; I saw it on her entrance slip. However, one of my other students said that her name was the same as one of my other students’ name, who I call Pink Socks. So, I’m calling the new girl Pink Socks the whole day until my assistant sees her real name on her paper.

rose“Your name isn’t Pink Socks?,” my assistant asked.

“No,” she answered.

At this point, I burst out laughing. I could not believe that I called this girl Pink Socks when her name is Ann for about an hour and a half.

I apologized profusely and told her that it wouldn’t happen again, but that if it did, to correct me.

Yep, that’s how smart I am.


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