Frustrated Me!

I am so frustrated as you should be able to tell by my last couple posts. I feel like I am fighting a losing battle. I have so many grade levels in my room. I just got a new student today. I am so overwhelmed. Now, not only do I have to do my best to reach the goals of my other students who are on so many different levels, but now I have one more added to the equation.

I really feel like crying. If I felt like it would do any good, I’d do it. How,oh how, am I supposed to do this? I realized that I was on my way to being able to reach my 4th graders goals when it suddenly dawned on me that I am not really meeting the needs of the lone 2nd grader, and the two 3rd graders.

I’m not dismayed though because I’m starting to notice a pattern in my life. Whenever I feel like this, I know what happens next; I usually have a growth spurt of the mind- so to speak. Every single time this happens, immediately afterwards I realize I’ve grown. This actually relates to my post called The Quickening where I spoke about information coming at me left and right. Well, this is kinda’ the same thing. I feel overwhelmed right now, but I know that I am going to come out on the winning side of this. I will be a much better teacher for it.

So, I guess I’ve gotten my answer that I’ve been seeking. So, until next time people!


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