Labor Of Love

This thing called blogging is definitely a labor of love because sometimes I don’t get comments for days to weeks at a time. At one point Many times I thought about quitting. My stats are so spotty. They have ranged from lows of 132 hits/day on the weekends to my high of 1,400/day. That is such a disparity it’s ridiculous.

But, I had to stop and ask myself why I was doing this. Am I doing it for the great comments that people leave or the privilege of being listed in someone’s Blogroll?

Nay, I say. Those things definitely don’t hurt. But, I do this because I love it. I love writing. I love helping people get their answers. I love being able to get my thoughts out. It really helps me get “stuff” off my chest. Getting things off my chest is part of the reason that I am at least partially sane. That and being able to express myself.

Why would I give up the last little piece of my sanity I have by stopping? Are you crazy? Or is it me?

Nah, it’s not me. And that’s because of this labor love that’s Special 2 Me.


2 thoughts on “Labor Of Love

  1. I think we bloggers all have this feeling at one point or another. I know I do. Then like you, I wonder, do I write to be read and get lots of comments (I would love this) or do I write to practice and hone a skill and to get things off of my chest? I must confess for me that it used to be a little of both.

    However, because I don’t get a lot of response, I have realized that the expression of thought is more important. Now I kind of look at it as a (online) diary. I wouldn’t expect or be upset if someone failed to read and comment on it! I don’t mind so much anymore if I don’t get comments on a particular post.

    Wow! You have had 1400 hits in a day! That is awesome! My best day was 305!

  2. I have felt like that for awhile now. However, I brush it off because I have had many people tell me that I should write to get it out and off my chest. And that is exactly what I’m doing. It definitely makes me feel better. As an labor of love does.

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