Mystery To Medicine Unit Opener

Nope, I didn’t get around to posting this yesterday. Anyway, here’s what I did:

First, before I did anything, I picked the worst of the “bad” students and made them my helper.

Then I presented the worksheet I created with two sides. It was like a before & after sheet. One side instructed the students to draw what they thought a germ looks like (before we started). While the other side instructed them to draw what a germ actually looks like (after we finished).

After they completed the worksheet, I began the presentation by asking them if they knew the correct way to sneeze if they didn’t have a piece of tissue handy. One of my “helpers” demonstrated the proper technique. I then moved on to the discussion phase to engage them. When I felt that I had them hooked, I sprung the poster on them which had these images on them:

ott0121_sneeze_allThe sneezing man served to illustrate my point of spreading germs by not covering your mouth.

germs7The germs served to help them complete the worksheet.

The picture of the hand served to illustrate my point of them washing handwithgermstheir filthy little, McNasty hands when they use the bathroom. After we finished discussing the above interesting little tidbits, we moved on to the book “Germs Make Me Sick” by Melvin Berger. The book is a little long, so I only read the first four pages. After that, I ended with the piece de resistance- the microscope to look at the germs. They looked through the microscope in awe as they feigned disgust.

Gross! Eww! Nasty! was all you heard. It was a nice ending. I lined them up at the door and gave them stickers. We all had fun. I love it when a plan comes together.

So, there you have it, my Unit Opener for Mystery to Medicine- a resounding success.


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