From The Mouth Of Babes…

The more I am around young children, the more they impress me. I was just talking to David, my youngest son, when he said something so profound. We were talking about taking care of Moriah for the night.

My little sister, Danielle who I call Yelli, called and asked if I could take care of Moriah for a few hours. Of course I happily agreed since I love that little brown child. Well, David wanted her to spend a night. I told him that Yelli never lets Moriah stay overnight. Well, he was upset. He asked me why and I told him that Yelli loved Moriah and missed her terribly when she wasn’t with her. We then started discussing how we love our family. David started thinking and came up with this:

“You know what mom,” he said. “Every baby in this family is greatly loved.”

I didn’t have to think about it. I responded automatically and told him that he was right. We started talking about how the babies in my family are totally lavished with hugs and kisses until they can’t stand it. That’s how it should be. I love having an extra-large extended family. Some of the members in my family may be caraazy but they sure are there for family. That’s what it’s all about.

Until next time people. I hope you have the same.


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