I’m Breaking Out The Scissors…

frenchs-mustard** Warning- this post is kinda’ long** That’s right. I am bringing out the scissors because I am ready to cut it. What is it? It is the mustard. I have not been cutting the mustard. I have not been up to snuff. Now, I am ready get it together; to cut it.

I am writing this in response to an encouraging comment left on one of my posts “Am I Cut Out For This?” by Daniel Dage, author of another special ed blog specialed.wordpress.com.

In my post I was expressing doubt as to whether I am cut out for teaching or not because I have one student who is simply too much to take sometimes. I am especially dismayed since I have four grade levels in my room. He’s in 2nd grade, which means that I will have him for another three years after this year. This depressed me so thoroughly. I really began to wonder if I was cut out for this if one student makes me want to jump ship. However, Daniel responded with this:

Daniel DageEdit Link

I feel your pain. I have kids a lot like the one you have. Except in high school, the time to graduation is 7-8 years!!! And it really, really is a big part of the pain of a self-contained setting where you are stuck with the same student all day, everyday for *years!* It’s like a freaking marriage! Trust me, I have wanted to flee many, many times. But when this kid leaves, you’ll have another one come who will be an even bigger mess. No matter what and where you teach, there will always be at least one kid who will push your buttons and yank your chain. And guess which kids end up making you a better teacher? It’s not the easy ones.

You can do this, but it will involve digging deep. Once we get over trying to get away and escape, we can start dealing with the problem head-on.

As far as the economy, HA! You could pee in the principal’s pocket but you aren’t going anywhere! Your job is pretty secure because there are a lot of other people who would rather be unemployed than deal with what you have to deal with everyday! It’s not easy and it never is. But it also isn’t always a nightmare. Consider this: we’re half way through the school year! Getting your degree finished will also take off a ton of pressure off you. Keep the faith!

Morocco also encouraged me even though she’s dealing with many issues of her own. Thanks Morocco.

I am through feeling sorry for myself and trying to escape. I’ve had time to think about it and Daniel’s right. I knew that he was right the minute I read his comment. In fact, I already knew. Facing problems head on and dealing with them is how I got my class under control up to this point. I just needed to hear it from someone else. Ya’ know, kinda’ get some sense slapped into me.

I am not planning on going anywhere anytime soon. Although it does feel good to say it. But, there have been so many times that I’ve jumped out of the frying pan into the fire and gotten burned. I am definitely not going to do that again. I am simply going to suck it up and deal with it. Like Daniel said, when I stop trying to escape and deal with the problem head on, then I can begin to address and fix the problem.

Thanks Daniel!

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