Who Is Your Favorite Monster, MAMA? by Barbara Shook Hazen

monster-mamaWho is Your Favorite Monster, MAMA? (2006), written by Barbara Shook Hazen and illustrated by Maryann Kovalski is a cute little book dealing with jealousy & sibling rivalry.

There are three Monster children: Bruxley- the oldest, Harry- the middle child, & Bronwen- the baby. Bruxley knows that MAMA Monster loves him, Bronwen knows that MAMA Monster loves her. Oh, but poor Harry. He thinks that MAMA Monster likes his brother and sister better than she loves him.

Harry, the middle monster, was happy when his mama crooned, “Euuu, my cute little monster child, I love the way you warm my wild. I love your warts and baby bristles. I love your nails as soft as thistles. I love your fangs and furry nose. I love you, Harry, head to toes.”

Harry was happy when MAMA Monster catered to his needs; when she paid attention to him. However, he wasn’t happy when she told him to wait because she was busy with his big brother, Bruxley, or if she was burping his baby sister, Bronwen. When MAMA Monster didn’t pay attention to him, he played with his creepy beasties, Tiny, Slimy, & Whiny.

He wondered why his MAMA Monster always had more time for Bruxley and Bronwen than she did for him. He was jealous of everything his siblings did. Especially when it required MAMA Monster’s attention. MAMA Monster always liked everything they did better. So, finally, he asks: “Who is your favorite monster, Mama? Who do you love most???

Now, what mother can or would answer that question? Not one! Did Mama Monster answer that question? Nope, she didn’t. She did, however, turn it around by asking him which of his creepy crawlies he liked the best. He tells his mom that that is a silly question because each one is his favorite.

“Each one is my favorite because each is frightfully, delightfully different. I love each the most but not the same.”

His mother told him that that was just the answer she was looking for. Happy with that answer, Harry skips outside to enjoy the day.

What a cute little story. I would say that children as young as three years old would understand this book. I loved it. It reminded me of when Sam & Dakota were younger. One of them always thought I liked the other more and would often accuse me of such.

I think that anyone with more than one child should buy this book. It deals with sibling rivalry in an amusing & cute way. I think a smile will come to children’s face as they realize that the monsters in the story are just like them

So, do yourself a favor and go pick this one up! You’ll love it and so will your children.


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