The Los Angeles Black Book Expo will be on August 15, 2009. But, before that the Expo has many wonderful events planned in the months leading up to then. Upcoming in the next month is the following event:

(Taken directly from the official blog of Los Angeles Black Book Expo-

Next month will be an exciting time for us at the LABBX. Our new partnership with Barnes and Noble at the Grove (Farmer’s Market) has allowed us to present bookfairs inside the store with panel discussions, children’s reading time, and a planned poetry festival along with our upcoming relationship forum on Sunday, February 8, 2009. Just before Valentine’s weekend, our esteemed panelists headed by our host author and speaker Na’Kisha Crawford (So Good It Hurts) will help you find the perfect mate and/or to improve your love life.

What makes our bookfairs special is through BN, we have vouchers you can email Charles Chatmon at for one, which are used to buy virtually anything in the store including CD’s, books and coffee that helps secure funds for the LABBX. I’ll have more on the vouchers later on, but if you’re interested (even if you can’t make it), please email me and I’ll fill you on the rest.

**P.S.- The vouchers are good for up to a week after the book fair. It is not, however, available for online purchases.**


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