My Plan…

Knowing that I have so much to do, a plan of attack is the only smart course of action. I have broken my work into chunks.

I have to complete an electronic portfolio. That’s not a problem though, because it’s mostly a compilation of work I’ve already completed. I just have to submit it to Livetext. I need:

  • an introduction of myself with an explanation of my call to teaching
  • a Behavior Support Plan (already completed).
  • a professional resume
  • a 2-3 page vision for teaching and learning that includes 1-2 page reflections on:
  • Respect
  • Educate
  • Advocate
  • Lead
  • Finally, an outline of a professional development I’ve developed, with handouts.
  • A Literature Review for my senior thesis
  • 3 assignments for my online class with weekly responses
  • A case study and an assessment intervention plan

I already have some of my assessment intervention plan completed. I will begin working on my case study and one of my 3 assignments due for my online class by next weekend.

I just need to find my handouts from my professional development and make an outline of it.

I will begin my Literature review and my 2nd/3 assignments due for my online class  in 2 weeks.

I will also need to complete that 15-20 page paper to clear my incomplete.

The rest will take care of itself. As long as I stick to this schedule, I’ll be alright.


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