My Pet Peeves

These are my pet peeves in no particular order.

  1. Lazy parents who are healthy and don’t work, but won’t walk or drive their small children to school
  2. Neglectful parents
  3. Rude people
  4. Selfish people
  5. Double parking on a small street
  6. People who get over at the last minute almost causing you to rear-end them
  7. Lazy people
  8. Healthy, able-bodied people who won’t work
  9. Parents who believe every single thing their children say, and come up to a school screaming and cursing, trying to fight the teacher
  10. People who try to get over on the system. I call them get overinskis
  11. Loud music @ 2 a.m.
  12. People who take advantage of other people
  13. Lastly, I cannot stand people who cheat their way through school

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