Finally. Help!

Well, I am finally getting help from PAR. We played phone tag for a minute before we connected, but we finally did. Thank goodness. I hope she can help me with Nu. Either that, or I’m taking a week off.


How Much More?

I don’t even know how much more I can take. My student, Nu, is offffffffff the hook. Today, he began before the bell even began. I know that there is something wrong with him, but it just seems like more than I can bear. I seriously think that he needs to be in an Emotionally Disturbed (ED) class. He really does have issues. He fights so much I had to switch my schedule all around because he couldn’t get along with most of the students in second recess. I know that things are going to come to an end soon because of some things that I have in the works, but it seems like it can’t come fast enough.

I am exhausted, but I have to go to school in a few minutes, so until next time!