Still Thinking About The Inaguration!

On Election Day I didn’t get to watch a lot of it. Thank goodness for Youtube! I was watching the Obamas dance their first dance and unexpectedly teared up. I didn’t expect to get emotional like that, but I did. I love seeing how in love they are. There are some things you can’t fake, and one of them is being in love. When I look at the Obamas I see true love. I am so happy for them. They are the epitome of class and poise. They would make a great first family no matter what color they were. Many could benefit from their example. Stay strong and in love Mr. President and First Lady.


He Had Pity On Me!

One of the strong male teachers at the school had pity on me today. He kept Nu for the entire day. I love him. I am going to get him a gift. Oh, what a peaceful day I had. I actually got to teach.

One funny thing, I was so worried about him returning that I kinda’ rushed through things, so we finished almost everything early today. It was a good and a bad thing. But, oh, what a peaceful day it was!

I’m still tired because I need vitamins, so until next time people!