Continually Renewing Myself!

I have to keep renewing my mind because I was beginning to show signs of burn out after less than 2 years. I will be the first to admit that I have one of the hardest jobs. It’s in a low-income, high crime area. The children have behavior problems that are challenging at best. I get up some mornings and don’t feel like going to work because I know that it is going to be so intense.
A couple of times I have felt like walking right out the school and not returning. However, I know that I need this job to do silly things like paying the mortgage and buying my children food and clothes.
Even if it weren’t for that, I promised myself that I would quit teaching if I felt like I was feeling the past couple weeks.
Ya’ know what, I really thought about it because I got to the point where I didn’t care as much. If I couldn’t have pulled myself outof that funk, I would have. Thankfully I really sat down and thought about what was really important. I had to ask myself if I was going to let one student make me give up my dream of being a teacher. My answer was a resounding no. No one person is worth giving up your dream for. So, I made up my mind to renew my mind. I told myself to remember why I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to make a difference, and I have. Renewing yourself/your mind constantly is a must if you’re going to live in this world.
Until next time people!

Parent From Hell vs. The Teacher!

**Warning- this post is a little long**
I, the teacher who cannot take anymore.
Debra, the parent from hell who believes everything her child says.

fire_and_brimstoneTwo people. Two very different situations. Yet, we are forever bound to each other. Why?
We’ve been able to see things from each other’s perspective. I have to say, though, that I have always been able to see the parent’s point of view, but had simply ceased to care. I was so overwhelmed that I just wanted everything to be over one way or another. Whether it was me quitting, the child moving to another school, etc.
I know that connecting with Debra is divine intervention. I talked a little bit about it last week (in this post) when I wrote about how she told me off.
N-e way, we’re sorta’ going through the same thing, but we’re on opposite ends of the spectrum.
This is what I’m going through: Absolute hell with one of my students who is the student from hell who also has the mother from hell who will literally curse out someone in a minute. She will do it in front of anyone (including Kindergarten students).
This is what Debra’s going through: Almost the same thing, but in reverse. She’s going through h*** with her daughter’s IEP team. In this case she is the parent from hell and her daughter is the student from hell who the teacher wants out of the classroom. I say this is divine intervention because I almost never talk to her. When I do we just “happen” to start talking about her problems dealing with special ed.
I had to set her straight. I told her that every child, at one time or another, lies; that she couldn’t believe everything her child said. I asked her how she feels now that she sees it happening to a teacher that she knows.
What good came out of this? After our little heart to heart, she’s able to see things from a different point of view- the teacher’s. You see, to Debra, the teacher was the enemy. She was the parent from hell who would go up to the school talking very loudly, ready to fight the teacher because she believed every single word that came out of her child’s mouth.
That’s what changed her mind!
Until next time people!

From Vision To Application!

children-writingI’ve written about this before, and I’m going to write about it again. I have a problem getting my students to apply the information they know down onto paper. They don’t have a problem visualizing or verbalizing it. They have a problem with the application of the information- the writing. I’ve tried many things. Mathew has given me some great ideas, but I would like more. Do you have any ideas? I ‘d like to know about them if you do?

What A Difference A Day Makes…

Well, it hasn’t literally been a day, but you get what I’m saying, right? It was just a litle over 2 weeks ago that I was ready to quit my job because it was so stressful. Now that I’ve had time to stop, think, and reassess the situation, I am renewed.
Once again, I have renewed my mindset. I don’t want to quit anymore because I’m ready to face my problems. There’s no other way. I’ve found that if you don’t face your problems, they will continue to bug you until you do fix ’em. That could possibly be a long time. I don’t have time or the patience for that. Even though it’s initially hard, i’ts easier in the long run.
Until next time people

Healing Me!

Yesterday, as I walked around in pain, I decided that I was actually going to put my foot up.
As I walked around in pain, I thought about that stupid trip to IKEA where I walked around that huge, hulking, giant warehouse space that would make me tired on a normal day, without a broken toe.
As I walked around in pain, I thought about how I have been in total denial about my toe being broken.
As I limped up and down the stairs, I thought about how I need to get it together and sit down and heal. So, I’ve taken off for two days. I’m actually going to do like I wrote in a previous post and take it easy.
So, until next people!

The Dr. Who In Me! Part 2

One of my students, Ty, has been refusing to do work and is bothering other students. It was a minor annoyance. However, it’s been happening everyday. So, I knew that I had to do something about it. So, I began my Dr. Who-like talks again today. Just in case you’re not familiar with Dr. Who, it’s a British sci-fi show. In the show, he always comes up against seemingly insurmountable odds. Yet he always triumphs; All without a weapon. He always managed to disarm his foes with his weapon of choice– his words.
Last year, I began using my words (of encouragement) to build my students up. I used break time to walk and talk with my students, under the guise of them helping me (which they love to do). I learned their likes and dislikes. I slowly gained their confidence to build up the trust. They worked. Once I started spending time with them, the undesirable behaviors slowly began disappearing. I have to remember what works for me, so I can keep doing it. This little technique right here, almost always works for me. I’m going to keep doing it.
Until next time people!

That’s What Friends Are For!

I just came from a friend’s house who helped me out so much. I kinda’ knew what to do, but just couldn’t get there. We chatted over sinfully rich butter cake while we completed our work. I would not have been able to do it without her. I am realizing that no man is an island. Everyone needs someone at some time or another.
Now, thanks to that friend, Danika, I will be able to proudly present my work on Wednesday-my completed work.
That’s what friends are for.