Lockyaw- The Demon Of Anger!

I love cartoons. I can remember watching one of my favorite cartoons, at the time, Mighty Max. It was a crazy little cartoon with a sci-fi element, of course. I’ll try to make this post short to get to the point (which is about Nu, by the way).

I’ve talked about Mighty Max before in another post. In the pilot episode, the title character, Max, is suddenly visited by a talking chicken named Virgil and a 10,000 year old guardian named Norman who sounds curiously like Richard Moll :). Anyway, fast forward a little to Norman fighting one of his old enemies, Lockyaw, the demon of anger who cannot be easily defeated. In fact the angrier you get, the stronger Lockyaw becomes. Virgil, who knows practically everything, tells Norman that he cannot defeat Lockyaw with anger. He tells him that the more he gives in to his anger, the harder it is to calm him; for you can never fully defeat anger. It always returns; but it can be calmed. After awhile, Norman listens, calms down and defeats Lockyaw for the time being.

This reminds me of my situation with Nu. To me, he is my demon of anger that uses my own anger against me. The angrier I get, the stronger he becomes. When I become angry, he smiles and laughs. Whenever I am calm with him, he doesn’t know what to do. In fact, the calmer I am, the angrier he becomes.

I will learn a lesson from Norman and remain calm in order to overcome this trial. It is not easy, but I will do it. Until the next one comes along! Then it starts all over again. No, that’s not true. If I get another one I will know how to better deal with it.


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