Quick As A Cricket by Audrey Wood

Quick as a Cricket (1982), written by Audrey Wood and illustrated by Don Wood is a cute little book. It’s been around forever. I’ve actually had it since the late 90’s when Sam & Dakota were little, but was not a teacher at the time, so, of course, I didn’t think about using it to teach similes and metaphors.
quick-as-a-cricketI read this book to my class. We are working on metaphors and similes, so this book came in very handy. The whole book is full of metaphors and similes. Once I read it, the students totally got the idea of similes and metaphors.

I took this review directly from Amazon.com. I was going to write a review of this book, but this just summed up exactly what I wanted to say.
Amazon.com Review
“I’m as quick as a cricket, I’m as slow as a snail. I’m as small as an ant, I’m as large as a whale.” Parents and teachers choose this big square book for the message of self-confidence. Toddlers love it for the singsong phrases and Don Wood’s large, silly, endearing illustrations, which feature a boy mimicking different kinds of animals. At one point, he is pictured sipping tea formally with a fancy poodle (“I’m as tame as a poodle”) and on the very next page he is swinging through trees (“I’m as wild as a chimp”). Whether brave or shy, strong or weak, in the end the young boy celebrates all different, apparently contradictory parts of himself. With a confident grin, he lifts his arms up and declares, “Put it all together and you’ve got ME!”
I found a site that had a crossword puzzle to go with this book. Here is the link.


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