That Lockyaw Issue Again!

Yesterday, after returning home, I had to take a nap because as usual I was exhausted since Nu ran amok allll day long. He became upset because he couldn’t have his way. So, he ran around the classroom and started fights with 6 of my students. I tried to tell them to ignore him, but what child or adult, for that matter, can ignore someone who’s hitting them? So, needless to say, the children were fed up. I couldn’t send him out because he has worn everyone on the campus out and no one else wants to be bothered by him.

Anyway, on to the point of this post. Taking my cue from Norman & his archenemy Lockyaw, I decided to calm down and have my other students do the same. It only worked for some of them because, after all, they are only 8-12 years old. However, it did work for me and my assistant. Usually, one or both of us get mad at him, which only serves to make him happy and stronger like Lockyaw.

I put on some classical music and ignored him while I cleaned up the classroom and prepared for dismissal. All the while documenting everything he did. I know that he is on his way out, but it just cannot come soon enough for me!


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