Subject & Predicate

I have been out of ideas for clever titles, but am back now and better than ever. I love the title; I don’t love the subject. I spoke to my assistant and she told me that my class has been horrible in my absence. And the whole problem is because my student’s behavior is predicated on my presence; on me being there.  I don’t want my class’ success predicated on me. I want to teach them to be able to perform no matter who’s there. So far I haven’t been able to do that because every time I’ve been out of the classroom, for whatever reason, they have behaved horribly.

How do I do that? Does anyone have any advice?

Anxiety Attack!

I had an anxiety attack last week when I was in my therapist’s office.

“Breathe,” she said.

“I am breathing,” I said as I looked questioningly at her.

“No, you’re not. You’re breathing very shallow breaths. You’re not getting enough oxygen. You can pass out.

“You’re having an anxiety attack,” she said.

“Now, take a deep breath and blow it out to the count of 10!”

That’s exactly what I did and felt better, but was freaked out as I felt like so weak. How could I have an anxiety attack when I’m just telling a story? Why is this incident affecting me this way?

I don’t know, but I am going to find out so I can get through this. Bye for now.

Put Your Oxygen Mask On First!

Whenever you’re riding in an airplane, the stewardesses always tell you, in the event of an emergency, to put our mask on first. Before you can take care of anyone else, you need to take care of yourself first. That is what my therapist just told me. We were discussing how I handled the situation at work. She asked me what I honestly thought about the situation. I told her that I feel like a quitter; that I think I should go back. The thing is that I’m scared. I don’t want to be in the same situation, but I don’t know how not to be in the same situation.

While checking out my options, I was told if I tried to fight for Worker’s Comp, that it could possibly take years, and during that time, I couldn’t work anywhere. This is not an acceptable alternative.

So, I told all of this to my therapist and she told me that I needed to strike a balance. We then completed a pie chart where she showed me where most of my energies were going. Most of it was going to things I couldn’t control.

“Concentrate your energies on what you can fix,” she said. It makes no sense to give your energy to something so out of your control that you lose yourself.

You can return to work and it will work out for you, only if you draw a line in the sand; have some barriers. There has to be barriers. She also told me that the biggest piece of the pie should go to taking care of myself. We compared the me from a couple of weeks ago to the me now. Believe me when I say that it’s a big difference. I am almost ready to return. I just need a couple more weeks to make sure.

When I return I am going to have barriers. I will contact the Principal and see what safety plan is put into place. If I don’t feel it is enough, I will leave. I will make a big deal out of the parent from hell having any type of contact with me. I will call the police and get a restraining order. I will call the school police if this child makes a threat against me. I will insist on fair treatment from all concerned. If at anytime I don’t feel safe, I will leave for good. I WILL PUT MY MASK ON FIRST.

The Secret, The Salon, & My Friend’s Dilemma

the_secretI am a big fan of The Secret. I love the tenets presented. The main thing that I love is how the Masters explain that The Law of Attraction is just that- a law. It’s not based on your belief system. You don’t have to be Jewish, or a Christian, or a Buddhist, etc., to make it work. It works if you believe it and use it.

Now, you may asks yourself what does any of this have to do with the salon? Well, I’ll tell you.

Yesterday, almost as soon as I went under the dryer in the salon, there were power outtages in Los Angeles; particularly along the Crenshaw Corridor. Since there was no electricity, this presented quite a problem. How was my beautician going to finish my hair. Someone suggested that she call DWP to see how much time we were looking at. Well, the estimate they gave us was either 20 minutes of 4-6 hours. Are you kidding? That is such a great disparity?

Being ever hopeful and having faith in DWP I decided to wait. 10 minutes turned into 20 minutes  into 30 minutes into one hour. I finally decided that DWP was slacking on their job, and I didn’t have time to waste waiting for them to get things together. So, after I’d gotten into my car and prepared to take off, I notice that Sheila, one of the customers from the salon, is flagging me down. So I roll my window down.

“The power came on as soon as you left,” she said. Needless to say, I parked the car and went back into the salon.

Yeah, yeah, yeah! I know you’re asking yourself what this has to do with my The Secret and my friend’s dilemma. Well, I’m going to tell you after I tell you about my friend’s dilemma.

Okay, so here it goes: I was speaking with my friend this afternoon. She was very discouraged and wanted to give up on something she’d been working on. That’s when I related the story of the salon yesterday after I explained how The Secret works. Rhonda Byrnes explained in The Secret that people often give up and think that it doesn’t work, when it does. The problem is one that I’m sure many people have experienced at some point in time. You try to hold on. You do your best; you’re a real trooper. However, you decide that enough is enough and that you simply cannot believe anymore. So you give up. Some time later on, you find out, had you held on a little longer, you would have gotten what you wanted.

That’s how it was for my friend. I told her that it’s always darkest right before the dawn. I didn’t fully understand that saying until I stayed up overnight one time and saw for myself that it truly is darkest right before dawn.

“Don’t give up,” I said. Just hold on a little longer. It will be okay.

“You know what, you’re right. Thanks for the pep talk. I will keep this in mind,” she gratefully said.

I wrote all that to say, “DON’T GIVE UP!” It is always darkest before the dawn. Even though it might not seem like it, your deliverance is at hand. Just hold on. Everything will work out. Sometimes it may not work out the way you want, but it will work out.

How to Write A Literature Review

During the course of my research on writing a Literature Review, I came across excellent how to’s. If you’re interested, here they are:

Writer’s Block

OMG, I, the original blog-a-holic has writer’s block. I have 8 posts just waiting to be completed, but cannot complete them. What do I do? I am not used to having a block. I am used to having curb my enthusiasm from posting 3-4 times/day. Oh, how weird this is!