A Lesson On People

Taken directly from Diva Zone Magazine’s Daily Dose
A Lesson On People

I recently heard a story that changed the way I look at some people that I come in contact with…..

There once was a little bird flying south for the winter. He was flying so fast that he froze in mid air and immediately fell into a field below. While lying there, a cow came by and pooped on him. The bird though highly upset, began to realize that he was starting to thaw from the warmth of the manure. However, he also began to complain about the awful odor. A cat was walking by and heard his complaints. The cat began to dig the bird out. Once the bird was free the cat ate him.

My friends there are three things that I learned from this story:
1. Everyone who poops on you is not your enemy
2. Although you may not be in the perfect situation, don’t complain because…
3. Everyone who digs you out of trouble is not your friend.

Be clear on who serves which role!