I Got It From My Mama! Part 2

Now that I’ve gone to counseling and opened the floodgates, I am starting to remember more and more things. One thing about my mother that always bothered me, is that she almost never took my word for anything over an adult. Maybe that’s why one of my sisters believes everything (I mean everything) her children say. My counselor told me that we all reacted differently to the way my mother left my father. I react the way my mother did. I take so much (too much), until I can’t take anymore. That’s when I take a “fight or flight” stance. I’m willing to fight tooth and nail to defend myself at that point. But first I remove myself from the situation- whether it’s mentally or physically. Once I’m removed, then I can focus on my problem.
That is where I’m at now. I have removed myself from my job because I am seeking to understand how to get the better of the situation instead of letting it get the better of me. I have to go. I’m off to my counseling session after this.
The journey continues!


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