Max’s Dragon by Kate Banks

maxs-dragon51Max’s Dragon, written by Kate Banks and illustrated by Boris Kulikov, is the sequel to Max’s Words. Although it is not as well written as Max’s Words, it was still a good read.

Lovable Max is back and he’s still using his words to have fun. I like this book but it didn’t hit me like the first one. I think if I would have read this one first, I  probably wouldn’t have been so hard on it. When something is just good, but not great like its predecessor (Max’s Words) it doesn’t go over quite as well. Even though I didn’t like this book as much as the first one, I would still read it to my students. The one thing I did like about this book is that it shows how to play with words to make a story more interesting. If you really think about it, this story (if   used correctly) could actually be used as a tool to help students become better writers. It’s also good for helping to teach rhyming & imagination. I would love to use this for the Imagination unit in OCR. I am compiling a list of books to use for specific units. I’ll publish it when I’m finished.

N-e way, on to the review:
Max and his brothers Karl & Benjamin are back. As the story opens, we see Karl & Benjamin playing a game of croquet. Max isn’t participating. Instead he is looking for words that rhyme.

“Look what I found on the ground, ” says Max as he picks up an umbrella. maxs-dragon-21

“Ready?” Max said, as Benjamin asks him who he’s talking to. Max tells him that he’s talking to his dragon. To which Karl replies that dragons don’t exist.

“Yes they do,” says Max. “There’s a dragon in my wagon.”

“We’re playing hide-and-seek, so please don’t peek,” says Max.

Suddenly Max starts running. Karl asks where he’s going. Why, he’s going to chase his dragon, of course! Just as in the first book, his brothers join in the fun as they become intrigued by his game of words. Where does this game take them? How much fun do they have playing with words? Well, I guess you’re going to have to read it to find out for yourself!

maxs-dragon-42I would say that this book is best for Kinder- 2nd. However, I know that my students would enjoy it. So, go to your local library or local bookstore and pick it up.